146 Zendt Lane, Port Matilda, PA 16870

Mechanical Auto Repair as Well as Custom ATV Off-Road Trailer Design & Construction.

Improve the performance of your vehicle with a mechanical auto repair from Highwood Auto Repair, in Port Matilda, Pennsylvania. We service both foreign and domestic vehicles, including pickup trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, RV's, and specialize in custom ATV Off-Road Trailer design and construction.

General Auto Services

Your vehicle is in good hands with the very experienced Owner/Operator of Highwood Auto Repair. We perform the following types of services:
  • Mechanical Work on All Vehicle Makes & Models
  • Service for Cars, Trucks, Buses, RV's, and Tractor-Trailers
  • Bending of Exhaust Pipes with Our Own Specialized Pipe Bender, Custom Exhaust Systems for Cars, Trucks, RV's, Buses and Tractor Trailers with up to 4" Pipes.
  • Pennsylvania State Inspections, including Mechanical & Emissions
  • Welding Repair & Custom Fabrication
  • Pick Up and Delivery - We Haul Up To A Three-Quarter Ton, Four-Wheel Drive Pick Up Truck or Other Type of Vehicle.
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Tire Mounting & Balancing
  • Tire Sales (Cooper Brand Tires Available, As Well As Many Other Tire Brands.)
  • Battery Service
  • Tune-ups, Oil Changes, and Transmission Oil Changes

Custom ATV Off-Road Trailers

Give us your specifications and we will build a custom ATV Off-Road Trailer for you. The key to the agility of an off-road utility trailer is an independent, walking-beam suspension with tandem wheels. This allows the trailer to drive over large obstacles, such as fallen trees, branches, brush, rocks, ridges, and rugged terrain, fully loaded with little effort.
Please be aware this is an off-road trailer only. It cannot be licensed, or used for highway use.

ATV Off-RoadTrailer Features

Features include:
• 2" Square 1/8" Wall Tubing on Main Frame
• 1" Square 1/8" Wall Tubing Uprights
• 3/4" x 9 Gauge Open Mesh Steel Bed
• Solid, Clean Welds, No Tubing Left Open
• Hitch Has a Fully Adjustable Height Range (6" to 13" Fits Any 2" Ball)
• Sealed, Greased Bearing Wheels
• Tubeless Tires with Stems (16" Tall, Rated to 590 lbs. Each)

ATV Trailer Uses

A custom ATV off-road trailer is ideal for any type of use, including:
• Gardening & Yard Work
• Landscaping
• Farming & Ranching
• Firewood Hauling
• Hunting
• Camping
• Fishing
• Picnics
• EMT Rescue

Standard ATV Trailer Size

Details about size:
• 2' x 6' or 3' x 6'
• Bed of the Deck is 9" above Ground
Contact us today to create a custom-designed ATV Off-Road Trailer for you.