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It was the dream of George Morton-Moncrieff, the owner and operator, and chief cook and bottle washer of Highwood Auto Repair, to open his own shop.

George's experience with automotive repair began in his youth, and finally found solid footing when he was hired as one of the crew on the Carson Baird Racing Team out of Laurel, Maryland, in 1974. George had become the Crew Chief of this winning team before Chrysler, then in serious financial trouble, canceled all racing contracts in the fall of 1978.

They had successfully raced and won with a Dodge™ Colt in the IMSA Road Racing series in 1976. Chrysler had also sponsored a Plymouth Arrow for the IMSA series which the team took to the winners circle in both the B.F. Goodrich Challenge as well as the Goodyear Challenge. This team was also racing a Dodge Aspen in the NASCAR series during this same year.

After the racing contracts ended and the gas lines grew longer in the greater Maryland and Washington DC, area, it was decided by George and his wife to settle closer to her family in Central Pennsylvania. They moved in July of 1979.
Having worked for a local auto repair shop, George felt compelled to work for himself, one-on-one with customers, so he could explain and educate each customer about their vehicle. He began working out of the little, one-car garage at his house in August, 1981.

Today, Highwood Auto Repair is situated at its current location near Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, in a much larger building than the home garage. This building accommodates RVs, school buses, and tractors.
George’s experience ranges from a 1923 Rolls-Royce™ transmission to mechanical repairs on Corvettes™, Mercedes-Benz®, BMWs®, and Volvos™, as well as restoring the mechanical systems on classic autos for show. Your family car will receive that same close attention.

George is highly trained on both machine diagnostics as well as manually diagnosing what is wrong with your vehicle. Sometimes machine diagnostics can be misleading or incomplete, which is why you need a mechanic who is intuitive and knows what to look for in order to determine the problem. We work on everything you can imagine; if it has wheels and a motor, we work on it, both foreign and domestic.
George in Firefighter Gear - Auto Repair
George in Firefighter Gear - Auto Repair
1976 Dodge Aspen Nascar
Daisy the Wonder Dane
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